Empowering Inventors

We empower inventors to take their dream idea and bring the complete concept to the world market.


Our team will help redesign your idea so that it works in production while preserving your vision.


We take your product past all the hurdles of supply chain and purchasing of parts, through our experienced factory where we start your production line, to produce your idea.


During production, our marketing distribution team takes over and your product will have the reach of a worldwide chain of retailers.


Don’t let great ideas hide in the shadows!

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Straightwater consists of experts in all respective areas of taking ideas to the global market.


Our background provides you with the experience you need to ensure your product or business can avoid all the obstacles, which when avoided saves you time, resources, and money.


Straightwater’s founders came together when all four founders were involved in the same project called LUMIBELL XL.

This was an idea that a construction surveyor had for many years, but never had the means or contacts to bring it to a wider public.


By taking the step to reach out to their network, LUMIBELL XL project brought the founders together.


From there, Straightwater was created to help people find the way to provide others with ideas for a better world.



Your idea for a product can be a vision only in thought and theory.

We will help you in the first stages of the process, to ensure the idea is scalable for production. This stage is vital for a smoother transition to the physical design.


During this stage we work together closely with you, no prior knowledge on your behalf is necessary at this stage as our team has broad experience in product design. We make your idea come to life in an array of programs and tools, and we produce the first prototype together with you. We will also assess all circular economy options as early as possible, even through the early design and manufacturing stages.


The prototype phase can consist of several stages.
Here the process will start to utilise the manufacturing stage of the process to ensure that design is true to your vision and that the product is capable to be manufactured at scale.


During this phase, the product will undergo extensive research for the whole supply chain.
Every element needed from parts to production methods will be mapped by us and made as efficient as possible.

Assessing the output of prototyping and the pilot allows us to Leanovate and create the optimal process line for your product. During this time, we together settle the entire supply chain to highlight and develop vital capacities and assess bottlenecks in flow.




During this stage we together take important and tough decisions regarding quality, warranty, distribution, end pricing, etc.
Our team will support you in making the right choices for the products entire lifecycle.

Marketing will start to get involved at this stage to guide price versus the target market needs, market saturation and competition, and the customer base.

The next step is going to market and start the process of finding retailers and developing the customer base globally.


The global reach is where we help you find retailers worldwide to carry your product to market and helps us estimate the totality of production capacity needed.

This is when the contracts are signed and the base for your business is built from the ground up.


Scale up it the final stage of the process.

Here we use proven methods to ensure that you can take your business to become a household name and brand.

This step can be taken in several steps, and it is the most diverse of the stages of the process of business.

Our scale up team has worked on many different constellations within global industry and supply chains of world brand names.



If you already have a small or medium business, or you are stuck in the same scale of business, this part of our process is where you can come in, and we maximize your potential.



Take the next step and reach out to us!