Lumibell XL

High precision bullseye level.

Level is visible from above and below for easy surveying of objects of up to 1 meter above ground.

Night vision function with 30 sec automated battery saving function.

Developed for surveying in bad lighting conditions and surveying objects of hight up to around one meter without the need to climb.


The LUMIBELL XL was created to vreat a safer and better work enviroment for Surveyors.

The Level is visible from above, but also from below.

This eliminates the need to climb up on to objects when rusveying.

Night vision protective light

The orange light protects the user from blinding and night vision impairment.

The LUMIBELL XL has a 30 second timed switch to ensure optimal battery usage and prohibit accidental waste of battery life. 

Accurate and durable

The level chosen has a fast speed bubble, making it more accurate than most other surveying pole levels on the market, with its 10 minutes accuracy.

The LUMIBELL XL is made from carefully selected recycled plastics to ensure durability and at the same time minimise the impact on our environment.


The LUMIBELL XL is developed to be used with all the major brands carbon fibre surveying poles.

To ensure maximal versatility it can be purchased with an adapter for 25mm aluminium surveying poles from certain world brands.

The LUMIBELL XL is designed for easy access to the battery and runs on the common CR2023 battery, to ensure availability for the user.

LUMIBELL XL was brought to life with the help of the straightwater team.